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The success of any university is its ability to retain and promote its students from student admission to graduation. A grounded theory (GT) study was conducted investigating the experiences of new doctoral students at Walden University in 2013. The purpose of this study was to understand the new student experience which resulted in a (GT) that accounted for the main concerns of the doctoral student participants. The emergent core variable for the study was weighing in, a process that includes orienting, equipping, considering, and jumping in. Grounded action (GA) was applied using the explanatory theory of weighing in for mitigating student related issues throughout the CIA/RLL programs. Several action initiatives and a strategic plan were developed to address these concerns using the theory of weighing in. The impact of this study will impact training and support of Walden’s full and part-­time contributing faculty and shape student services, instruction, and support.

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Using Grounded Action to Address Student Needs in the CIA/RLL Ed.D Doctoral Programs at Walden University