No Lloro Pero me Acuerdo: Hidden Voices in a Psychological Model

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Journal of Progressive Human Services

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Research on loss of land for Northern New Mexican Hispanos and clinical work with La Raza populations indicated a connection between past and present historical and psychological issues, motivating the development of the multidimensional model of Hispano attachment to and loss of land. The model, however, did not entirely capture the abuse leveled on Hispanos and lacked inclusion of similar experiences among other La Raza populations. This article exposes events embedded in the model—patterns, voices, and coping strategies—that provide a glimpse of more than 400 years of collective historical trauma sustained by La Raza and that is based on a Manifest Destiny colonization, beginning with the conquest of Mexico and running to current racial profiling. It also describes the evolution of the model to include the overarching La Raza population.