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The 2015 International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges: 10 Years After the Edmonton Charter. Kelowna, BC.


The purpose of this round-table discussion is multi-fold: first, to provide a review of a descriptive, cross-sectional study that used survey design to query college health services directors and staff at U.S. institutions about what types of health promotion strategies they used to engage the nontraditional, online student; second, to discuss the study findings in light of the United States’ Healthy Campus 2020 initiatives; third, to dialogue with participants about ways in which universities can leverage digital and new media technologies to provide health education online for the “new traditional” college student; and finally, to share innovative, exemplar approaches and case studies of online health promotion in higher education.

Learning Objectives:

1. Review the results of a recent cross-sectional, descriptive study that used survey design to assess U.S. colleges and universities student health services and health promotion resources for online students

2. Describe strategies for leveraging online and/or new media to address the health needs of the “new traditional student”

3. Highlight exemplar approaches to and case studies of online health promotion