In-Services Teachers’ Perceptions of Support for School Literacy Programs

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National Teacher Education Journal

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This quantitative, nonexperimental research design used survey methodology to investigate in-service teachers' perceptions of leadership support for school literacy programs and whether years of experience and grade level being taught affected those perceptions. Data were collected using the Teacher's Perceptions of Support for Literacy Programs Questionnaire. Participants were 303 in-service teachers attending graduate courses at a university located in the southern United States. Participants gave medium to high ratings for support of instructional practices, support for school wide activities, and leadership support of literacy programs. Results from a MANOVA revealed a significant main effect for numbers of years teaching on the Leadership Support Scale and a significant interactive effect between numbers of years teaching and current grade being taught on the Instructional Practices Scale. This research provides some evidence that schools are actively promoting school literacy programs. Suggestions for future research are discussed.