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Hotels have lost $3.4 billion over the last 5 years because of high rates of employee turnover. Leaders must use the tools necessary to increase job satisfaction and retain professional employees. The problem was that insufficient data described the relationships between transformational leadership, gender, education, and job satisfaction for hotel professionals. The purpose of this survey study was to understand the relationship between transformational leadership and job satisfaction for the hotel professionals in the United States. A total of 248 hotel professionals from the Colorado Lodging and Hotel Association were surveyed using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire and the Job Satisfaction Survey. The theoretical foundation of transformational leadership informed this study. Using a survey design, data were collected and a multiple regression technique was applied to analyze the data. Gender, education, and transformational leadership accounted for 20% of the variation in job satisfaction. Transformational-leadership style and gender were significant predictors of job satisfaction; however, education was not a significant predictor of job satisfaction. Results from this study may aid managers in learning to use transformational leadership to create necessary opportunities for hotel professionals to help increase their job satisfaction. Such leadership can lead to better productivity in the hotel industry with a positive contribution to hotel guests.